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Refining Modern Luxury with Laboratory Grown Diamonds

Traditionally, diamonds have always been a symbol of love, wealth, and luxury. They were worn as a status symbol, for exclusivity and gifted on special occasions. With the rise of globalisation and digital technologies, the perceptions associated with traditional luxury are becoming more and more outdated. We are prioritising self-expression, authenticity, demanding more transparency from where we 'consume' and dictating a new narrative for what we see as modern luxury.

So how does this shape the future of diamonds?

Well, what if diamonds were a symbol of empowerment, inclusivity and sustainability? FYNE lab grown diamonds are exactly that.

Grown in 4-6 weeks from a tiny carbon seed, each rough diamond crystal is entirely unique in its colour and clarity properties but is 100% aesthetically, chemically and structurally identical to earth-mined diamonds. The amount of land displaced to set up a growing facility is 1,281 times less per square meter than the earth used to mine diamonds. Not only that, but the overall air emissions of a lab grown diamond is 1.5 billion times less in terms of carbon, nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide emissions. They are guaranteed conflict free, more easily traceable and do not contribute to water pollution.

For us as a company, it was an obvious choice. If we want to impact change, we need to set the example and BE the narrative. We are a progressive and modern luxury brand, and are proud to say that luxury can be empowering for those who make our products and for the women who wear them. We believe luxury should be inclusive of all classes, races and body types. It should be affordable, forward thinking and innovative in design. Last but not least, it should be consciously made with care for the planet and its species.

This is what refining luxury is all about, and this is what modern luxury means to us.

We welcome you to join the movement and be part of the change.


Shop our consciously crafted jewellery, made with laboratory grown diamonds and 18K solid gold.


*All statistics sourced from Frost & Sullivan (2014) and can be downloaded here.

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