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Dahlia Diamond Collection

Dahlia Diamond Collection

The Dahlia Diamond Collection, our best seller and signature collection, fuses together contemporary floral patterns with traditional Islamic motifs to deliver a bold collection that radiates modernity and individuality.

East Meets West

East Meets West

A meeting point between two locations — inspired by our Founder’s Middle Eastern heritage and western upbringing. 

Like its name, the collection harmoniously blends Arabic-inspired designs with minimal and timeless European influence. Featuring a series of carefully curated pieces, designed in geometric shapes, the East Meets West collection is lightweight and feminine yet strikingly brilliant.

Fyne Bridal: Volume I

Fyne Bridal: Volume I

Designed for the modern bride — a collection that offers timeless elegance with a twist. Featuring both classic designs and bold ring styles, the Fyne Bridal collection is personalised to celebrate your unique love story. Sophisticated yet playful, perfect for that journey toward forever.

Origin's Calligraphy Collection

Origins Calligraphy Collection

The Origins Collection uses the stunning shapes of Arabic calligraphy to connect women with their roots and promote mindfulness. Each piece is born from a positive affirmation, using the fundamental words that hold humanity together: love, light, peace, trust and hope. These expressions remind us to connect with ourselves, each other and the planet.

Stargazing: Reem & Natalya Kanj x FYNE


Stargazing: an ethereal collection, co-designed with Reem and Natalya Kanj. Inspired by consciousness, the collaboration is a fusion of our core sustainability values, and our pledge to protect planet earth. True to the name, every piece pays tribute to the stars and the sky, offering forward-thinking design - in line with Reem and Natalya’s minimal aesthetic. 

This collection was for a limited time only and is no longer available.