A Positive Choice

Laboratory Grown Diamonds

Sustainably created without displacing land, wildlife or communities.

Let's start with the basics

What is a diamond?

Put simply, a diamond is made out of carbon atoms formed in a cubic crystal structure. Both laboratory grown diamonds and mined diamonds exhibit the same cubic formation, making them physically, chemically and aesthetically identical.

The Formation Process

So, then how are lab grown diamonds made?

By replicating a mined diamond’s formation - scientists have managed to grow rough diamond crystals in a chamber using extremely high temperatures and pressures with the essential element - carbon.

Once it’s grown, it is analysed, cut and then polished into a diamond with its own unique clarity characteristics.

A Sustainable Future

Why Lab Grown Diamonds?

Not only are they a sustainable and refined choice, but lab grown diamonds don't pollute ground water, displace communities or wildlife and are guaranteed conflict-free.

By working with companies that are consciously reducing their carbon footprint, we are paving the way for our future generations to think differently, live boldly, and redefine luxury.

Our Sustainability Values

Lab Grown Diamond