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Earth-Mined vs. Lab-Grown: The Science Behind Diamonds

What is a diamond?

Diamonds are carbon atoms formed in a cubic crystal structure. They are formed naturally at extreme temperatures and pressures within the earth’s mantle and then pushed to the surface during deep volcanic eruptions. This is where the traditional mining process begins, which not only causes air and water pollution but also requires intensive labour. This labour poses a risk to human health and can cause human rights violations in less regulated mines.

So, what if there was a way to produce diamonds that would be kinder for the planet and its people?

Introducing lab-grown diamonds: a modern technology that allows us to replicate the process of natural diamond formation within a lab. This is done through two different processes: HPHT (High Temperature, High Pressure) and CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition).

The Lab Diamond Growth Process: Explained

1. High-Pressure, High-Temperature

Scientists place diamond seeds into carbon, within a high-temperature and high-pressure chamber. Temperatures reach around 1500 degrees celsius, causing the pure carbon to melt and form a diamond crystal around the original seed. After the cooling process, a rough diamond crystal is formed.

2. Chemical Vapour Deposition

A diamond seed is placed into a CVD chamber. Hydrocarbon gas is introduced into the chamber along with electrical energy in order to create a plasma globe. As the gases' molecular bonds begin to break down, the pure carbon attaches itself to the diamond seed, forming atomic bonds, so that the seed begins to form into a much larger rough diamond.

The End Result?

Both processes create a rough diamond that is chemically the same as an earth-mined diamond - without the ethical and environmental price tag. In fact, after the polishing process, jewellers, gemologists, and scientists can not tell the difference between earth-mined diamonds and lab-grown, and they are still graded in exactly the same way. Every time the lab-grown process finishes, a new unique diamond is created, which is then polished and cut with its own clarity characteristics.

A Sustainable Future

Why Have We Chosen Lab-Grown Diamonds?

At Fyne, we pledge to act sustainably, responsibly, and ethically - in the best interests of our planet and its communities. Our choice to use sustainable lab-grown diamonds is an essential part of our vow to the earth, and this is what makes them even more beautiful than their natural counterparts. What’s more, lab-diamonds offer a progressive and innovative alternative to the traditional market. Because it's a relatively new industry, the technology is constantly evolving and changing to make way for even better practices.

By choosing to use lab-grown diamonds, we can ensure our customers have the best, while we do the best to ensure sustainable processes.

Polished Emerald Cut Lab Grown Diamond

Some of the ‘sustainable’ benefits of choosing a lab-grown diamond are:

Earth-mined diamonds are harvested in a long and obscure process that requires them to pass through many hands. This puts more of a burden on the planet (producing more carbon emissions) and makes diamonds expensive. Because the supply chain is shorter, lab-grown diamonds are a cheaper and more planet-friendly alternative that still guarantees the same quality. After all, diamonds shouldn't cost the earth...

A Lab-Grown Solution?

Lab-grown diamonds offer a sustainable, conflict-free, and eco-friendly solution. As technology evolves, the processes are only becoming more sustainable, with many suppliers using renewable energy. In fact, Diamond Foundry (one of our suppliers) can already proudly declare that they have a zero-carbon footprint! By working with companies that are consciously reducing their carbon footprint, we are paving the way for future generations to think differently, live boldly, and redefine luxury.

Learn more about our sustainability values.

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