Our Values

We have a shared responsibility to ensure that current and future generations are able to access the same resources that we have been fortunate enough to have.  With increased demand for materials and diminishing supply - sustainability and circularity becomes an increasingly important foundation for all businesses.

Sustainability is a complex topic that involves many components from ethical practices to protecting our environment. Our intention and commitment to sustainability is a growth process and one that will develop over time as we continue to educate ourselves on improved supply chains and efficient use of resources.

Currently, our key focuses within sustainability are:
-Using environmentally friendly and conflict-free materials;
-Creating durable and long lasting products that can be repaired and recycled for generations;
-Using recyclable materials and encouraging repurposing of products;
-Implementing a made to order business model to reduce waste and avoid over production;
-Educating and raising awareness on the importance of sustainability and conscious consumerism.

Our Diamonds

We only use cultured diamonds that are grown with renewable and recycled energy sources to ensure minimum impact on the environment. Cultured diamonds are just as durable and long lasting as earth mined diamonds, so they can be repurposed forever. Additionally, they are easier to track in the supply chain which allows us to ensure that they are conflict free and ethically manufactured.

Our Gold

We only use 18k solid gold, which ensures our products do not rust or tarnish when exposed to oxygen or water. Moreover, 18K gold can always be recycled into new jewellery or carried down generations due to its intrinsic value.

We are currently working on sourcing Fair Trade gold which includes robust standards on health and safety, labour laws, protection of the environment and more. Stay tuned for this exciting update.  

Our Packaging

All our packaging is made using recycled paper. Our e-commerce boxes can also be 100% recycled so we encourage our customers to dispose of them consciously. Our jewellery boxes, although made out of strong cardboard – have a very thin layer of matte laminate which ensures their durability and allows them to be used for longer. Unfortunately, this prevents them from being 100% recyclable. We are actively working on better sources of packaging that is long lasting, more circular and environmentally friendly.

Our Business Model

Our business model is primarily made to order – meaning, we do not bulk produce items that will end up being promoted at crazy discounts to free up our inventory. We also do not design seasonally because we aim to encourage conscious consumerism. Our pieces are made to last forever and can always be repaired or redesigned by melting the gold and reusing the diamonds. If you are interested in repurposing your old jewellery, please do get in touch.