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Embrace your Inner Rebel

As a third generation diamantaire, I began my career working with rough diamonds, carefully learning how to value, plan and polish a diamond from start to finish. On a daily basis, I worked with men who generations before them were taught by their fathers and grandfathers and great grandfathers. I was one (if not the only) woman in my line of work. So much so, that I was approached to create a video about it.

While I met and learnt from some incredible individuals, I was stuck feeling conflicted with a simple question: Why is it that there are so many men working in an industry made for and marketed to women?

This thought planted the seed for what was to become - FYNE.

When I first became a diamantaire, I always envisioned creating an affordable and minimalist jewellery brand that was made with a deeper purpose. I felt like I needed to do something that resonated with this generation – especially this generation of women.

Now more than ever, women are demanding equality, challenging gender roles and working hard alongside their spouses or even alone. They are working wives, single mothers, passionate entrepreneurs, and proving themselves in top managerial positions. And yet, despite all our achievements we are still so hard on ourselves.

I wanted to create a collection that reminded women to be true to themselves, trust in their capabilities and embrace their inner rebels. Featuring distinctive sharp edges and unique geometric patterns, our first collection represents the many facets – or roles – that women carry in society. “Dahlia, Yara, Zora, Serena, Layla.” Although beautiful, they are not to be messed with! Let our first collection be a wearable reminder to stand up for what you believe in and embrace your inner rebel.

We hope our pieces inspire you, just as you’ve inspired us.




*Disclaimer: Thank you to Diamonds & Antwerp for providing me with the opportunity to tell my story in 2017. You can watch the video on their Facebook page.

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