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Origins Calligraphy Collection

Our first ever in-store collection, exclusively available at Tryano in Abu Dhabi.

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Origins Calligraphy Collection

In honour of the UAE 50th National Day, we created an exclusive collection for Tryano as part of their Golden Roots Campaign.

The Origins Calligraphy Collection uses the stunning shapes of Arabic calligraphy to connect women with their roots and promote mindfulness. 

Each piece is born from a positive affirmation, using the fundamental words that hold humanity together: love, light, peace, trust and hope.

'These expressions remind us to connect with ourselves, each other and the planet - in line with the vision of the UAE.'


An Origins piece will be everlasting, passed down for generations to remind people to...

Love yourself, always

Look to the light for inspiration and guidance

Peace of mind and tranquility

Trust your soul

Hope for a better future

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Love "Hob" Bracelet Cuff

AED 2,995 (Currently Sold Out)

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Trust "Thiqa" Gold Bracelet

AED 2,850

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Light "Noor" Charm Bracelet

AED 2,770

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Love "Hob" Ear Stud (Single)

AED 1,180

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Peace of Mind "Salaam" Earrings

AED 4,350

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Ray of Light "Noor" Earrings

AED 3,725

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Electric Light "Noor" Ring

AED 2,530

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Amal Signet Ring

AED 3,340

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Inner Peace "Salaam" Necklace

AED 4,420

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Light up my Life "Noor" Necklace

AED 4,165

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