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meet our founder

Third-Generation diamantaire/ Female founder / conscious creator

Aya Ahmad

Born into a family of diamantaires, Aya Ahmad’s love for jewellery was, quite literally, inherited.

Fyne Jewellery is a trailblazer in the industry, founded by pioneer and third-generation diamantaire, Aya Ahmad. Paving the way from a young age, she was the first woman to work in the family business, learning the tools of the trade from her extended family. Although women were expected to work in the jewellery or polished diamond industry, Aya decided to break tradition and, instead, started working in the male-dominated rough diamond trade. This saw her become one of the first females to do so globally, and the only woman visiting diamond tenders at the time.

‘ I wanted to prove a point that women can be a part of the rough diamond industry. I always wanted to stand out in this way’

However, in the back of her head was the desire to continue the conscious living she had as a child in Belgium, and she began to seek out ways to do so. Beginning by repurposing her old jewellery, and later designing engagement rings for friends, she saw a gap in the market for diamonds that were both affordable, sustainable, and ethical.

‘High quality, accessible, everyday, minimal jewellery that’s good for the planet’

Our values

Discovering lab diamonds, Aya knew this was the innovative approach she had been looking for. It was a new, modern, and disruptive way to produce beautiful jewellery, and she wasn’t afraid to go against the grain to do so.

Now, Aya is proud to have launched the Middle East’s first lab-grown diamond jewellery brand; a conscious decision to produce high-quality pieces, without sacrificing her values.

In doing so, Fyne customers can wear jewellery that looks good, feels good, and does good for the planet.

‘Lab diamonds are not just material. They are a mindset’


Consciously Crafted in Dubai

Educate. Inspire. Empower. Three little words with the potential to change the world.

All of our jewellery is consciously crafted in Dubai, using 18k gold and high calibre lab diamonds sourced from transparent suppliers. We make sure to procure our materials from companies that use renewable energy sources to reduce their carbon footprint; some are even carbon neutral! 

At Fyne, we value our materials and the people we work with. Part of this commitment to conscious living is to be more socially responsible in our local community. To do so, we work with skilled local artisans, donate to charities, and collaborate with like-minded organisations to raise awareness. Educate. Inspire. Empower. Three little words with the potential to change the world.

‘Dubai is modern, new, refreshing, and as I’m of Middle Eastern origin, I wanted to bring my values closer to home’ 

At our core, we want to better preserve our planet for the present and the future. That’s why every step of the creation process is careful and conscious, using a made-to-order approach and green packaging. No brand can be 100% sustainable, however, we’re always working on improving our values, methods, and practices, so we can be as environmentally friendly as possible. We pledge to grow, change, and absorb knowledge, in order to create sustainable pieces that can be passed down for generations - a key part of conscious living.

‘At Fyne, we don’t just respond to environmental problems, but we take action - forever choosing to consciously consume, craft, and create.’

If our values resonate with you, please feel free to contact us to collaborate.