"Now more than ever, the EW team wants to show some love to local and small businesses that shape the creative landscape in this sandy city.

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on various industries, including luxury and fashion with many having to re-evaluate their business plans, while some have had to sadly close, including homegrown e-commerce platform The Modist.

One of the latest jewellery brands to cross our magpie radar is FYNE. A small, female-led label which focuses on creating ethical pieces using consciously sourced diamonds with 18-carat gold."

-April 2020, @emirateswoman, @dianabellheather

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"Recently whilst we were browsing through our Instagram feed, looking for something exciting and inspiring, we came across a jewellery brand that instantly captured our attention. Contemporary in its approach but completely dedicated to craftsmanship and design expertise, FYNE is the jewellery label every modern style connoisseur needs. Designed by the talented Aya Ahmad, this new-age fine jewellery label has a curated selection of jewellery pieces (think delicate rings, pendants and earrings) which deserve a top spot on every spring wish list.

Whilst we were secretly lusting over the FYNE pieces (we’d like one of each please), we decided to sit down with Aya to learn more about her journey and the brand."

-March 2020, @theamanqiedit, @manalwaqi

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Aya Ahmad

"Entrepreneur, designer and diamantaire, Aya Ahmad is changing the face of luxury jewellery. Her sustainable jewellery brand, Fyne, is ethical, affordable and sophisticated, the perfect solution for the climate conscious consumer.

For the second in our Celebrating Women series, we were utterly inspired by Fyne’s gorgeous jewels to speak to founder, Aya, about what it’s like being a female pioneer in an industry notoriously dominated by men.

Growing up in Belgium to Lebanese parents and a family of diamantaires, Aya wasn’t sure she fit in the male heavy industry until she found herself studying a GIA course and fronting her own jewellery company."

-March 2020, @keiseimgz

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'Implementing lab grown diamonds in the diamond industry kind of woke up the old fashioned and opaque traditional natural diamond industry and made them implement more sustainable practices,’ Aya Ahmad tells us.

Over the phone, a cool internationalism exudes her. Growing up in a family of diamantaires in the diamond capital, Antwerp, the CEO and founder of Fyne Jewellery is firmly rooted in the global diamond industry. An industry, she has always found ‘closed off,’ constrained by its traditionalism.

But now, Aya tells us, ‘there’s a lot more fresh brands coming out with a modern mindset,’ slowly changing the industry that’s been run for generations by the same families."

-March 2020, @keiseimgz

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Why us gals must stick together now more than ever

"I want to look at women lifting other women. Women empowering women. Girls cheering on girls. Gals giving that glow up all around.

There are many in the region. UAE-based Vicki Jane Matheson is a charity marathoner, running races across Dubai and RAK with different empowerment-focused goals. Modibodi UAE, a period panty that helps with leaks, focuses on giving women an environmental friendly feminine option. The website uses women of all shapes and sizes. Nannette Wicker-Essick, a Dubai mom, helps empower mothers of children of determination to be the best advocate for their children. Cassie Destino, another UAE mom, works to help women through and across infertility. There are curvy college-aged models (just check out Ameni Esseibi) campaigning for all bodies of all sizes to be accepted, and eco-conscious local companies like Fyne (jewellery) and Tribe (interiors) that are focusing on supporting grassroots female communities."

-March 2020, @cosmomiddleeast, @danaemercer

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How These Feminists Are Building Sustainable Businesses Despite Challenges

After having completed a graduate Diamond Course, Aya began to work more closely with her father in their diamond trade business. This way, she became the first female Diamantaire in her family, starting to carve out a path of her own. “From my very early days as a diamantaire, I knew I wanted to do something different and wanted to stand out as my own woman in this field. I really wanted to create a jewelry line that was innovative and tailored to the modern woman,” she adds. 

-February 2020, @thehustleisfemale, @anaxh

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"Based in Dubai, FYNE self-identifies as an ethical luxury jewelry brand with sustainability at its core. Aside from the fact that their modern and contemporary designs are absolutely stunning, their pieces are made even more beautiful by the fact that they aim to empower women while creating the smallest environmental impact possible. 

FYNE only uses cultured diamonds that are grown with renewable and recycled energy, which means that their guaranteed to be conflict-free. They also use recyclable materials and packaging, and employ a made-to-order business model to reduce waste and over-production, which I find so admirable. I’m currently lusting after their gorgeous Dahlia necklace (pictured above) and think that any of their pieces would make for a thoughtful gift for any conscious gal no matter the occasion."

-December 2019, @onearabvegan

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