"Modern luxury needs a shift in mindset."

This is the thought that our Founder, Aya, had before she started on her journey to create FYNE: a consciously crafted jewellery company based out of Dubai.

Read our story below.

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We are a small female founded company, with a big vision for a sustainable future.

Our story starts in Antwerp - our home town - and also (not by coincidence) the historical diamond capital of the world. Aya, our founder, is a third generation diamantaire and the first woman in her family to pursue a career in diamonds. After working for several years in the diamond industry - a heavily male dominated and opaque business - she felt the need to shift paths and realign her sense of purpose.

Some soul searching led her back to her Middle Eastern roots, which is undergoing a movement of rising female entrepreneurs and fashion creatives. Dubai, the epitome of luxury and a hotbed of entrepreneurship was chosen as the perfect place to set up shop.


FYNE is a luxury jewellery brand with a conscience.

Inspired by innovation and disruption, Aya sought to challenge the status quo of both the diamond and fashion industries, and she set out to create an ethical luxury jewellery brand with sustainability at its core.

The ultimate goal? To empower women to live boldly and passionately through conscious lifestyle choices.

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Our FYNE promises describe our commitment to the environment & our communities.

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We believe in being conscious about the materials we use in order to protect our delicate environment and impact change within our communities. FYNE is committed to sustainability and to a cleaner, greener future. We focus on creating beautiful jewellery, but we also believe in beauty that contributes to a greater cause.



The essence of what jewellery stands for can go far beyond the woman who wears it. We seek to empower women to live passionately through self expression, confidence and reinventing everyday style choices - setting the example to live better and do better.



Our jewellery represents a sophisticated rebellion - a wearable reminder that women do not need to conform to any particular label or mould. The FYNE woman is bold and fierce, and she carries a keen awareness for the planet and for herself.

If our #fynepromises resonate with you, please feel free to contact us to collaborate.