"Founded by a third generation diamantaire, FYNE Jewellery takes out the detrimental impact of the diamond industry to bring you contemporary jewellery with a conscience as clear as the diamonds they feature."



Luxury to us is quality as we strive for excellence in everything we do.

From using the highest caliber, sustainable lab grown diamonds and ethically sourced 18K gold, to giving back to the communities in which we operate and working exclusively with suppliers who share our values – we never compromise on our standards and neither should you.


Let’s address the elephant in the room: no, you cannot tell the difference between our lab grown diamonds and earth mined ones – even under a gemmology loupe – because they are physically, chemically and aesthetically identical.

With years of experience in the international diamond industry as well as two GIA certifications under her belt, to say our founder is meticulous about the diamonds she uses is an understatement.

We responsibly source our lab grown diamonds from hand picked suppliers to keep our supply chain as transparent as possible. In fact, one of our suppliers is LA-based Diamond Foundry - a certified carbon-neutral company that uses hydropower to sustainably grow their diamonds.

Honest diamonds at honest prices; it’s that simple.

Lab Grown Diamonds
Fyne Jewellery Adilah Diamond Collection


Our 18K gold jewellery is consciously crafted in Dubai and features high caliber lab grown diamonds that are not just good to look at but are also good for the soul.

We aren’t 100% zero carbon, but we make every effort to be more ethical, environmentally-friendly and socially responsible because it should never be any other way.

We create pieces that are timeless, eschewing seasonal trends for a ”buy now, wear forever” approach that is both sustainable and quality-driven.

Our collections are made in small batches using a made to order approach, giving us the chance to minimise waste whilst simultaneously allowing our artisans to take the time to craft head turning pieces that are made to passed down through generations.

Educate, inspire, empower - three little words with the potential to change the world; that’s our mantra.

Fyne Jewellery Adilah Diamond Collection


Born into a family of diamantaires, Aya Ahmad’s love for jewellery was, quite literally, inherited.

Her journey into the world of diamonds began when she fell into her family business, becoming one of the rare women in the industry who was trading and valuing rough diamonds on an international level.

A graduate of GIA’s prestigious Graduate Diamond and Applied Jewellery Professional Programs as well as HRD Antwerp’s Sorting & Planning of Rough Diamonds Certification course, Aya was drawn to the world of lab grown diamonds for the innovative outlook it offered; challenging existing practices and benchmarks in an otherwise traditional industry.

Unlike mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds offered an ethical, sustainable and inclusive approach to diamond jewellery which inspired Aya to launch FYNE Jewellery; the Middle East’s first contemporary fine jewellery brand purposefully created exclusively using lab grown diamonds.

Diamonds that look good, feel good and do good – that’s a #FYNEpromise.

If our values resonate with you, please feel free to contact us to collaborate.

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