Eco-Friendly Packaging: Sustainable Shopping from Start to Finish

February 1st, 2021

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Sustainable Packaging

So, you’ve found the perfect sustainable product. You’ve added it to your online shopping cart, pressed ‘checkout’, and now you’re eagerly awaiting its delivery. But when it arrives in a tonne of single-use plastic packaging, it’s hard not to be disappointed. The importance of shopping sustainably is something we are all becoming more aware of. However, the process needs to be environmentally friendly from product creation right until it drops through your letterbox. At Fyne Jewellery we have made this a top priority, sourcing eco-friendly packaging that perfectly compliments your purchase, not only in terms of beauty but sustainability too. Here are 5 types of ‘Fyne’ packaging that will make your shopping experience sustainable from start to finish...

1. Compostable Mailers

Our beautiful mailers are entirely compostable! We source them from the sustainable company ‘No Issue’, who use a plant-based blend of corn and straw. This process only makes up 0.05% of the annual world crop, so it’s perfect for eco-friendly packaging.

Once you’ve opened your package, you can simply add the mailer to your compost. It will degrade within 180 days, and it’s great for the carbon-nitrogen ratio that’s needed to produce healthy compost. If you don’t have your own, look for a commercial compost nearby.

A Note from Fyne:
We are part of the 'No Issue' eco-packaging alliance, so every time we place an order, a tree is planted!

Mad Hippie Reef-Safe Suncream

2. Eco-Friendly Tissue Paper & Stickers 

Normally, gift wrap is a big no-no for the environment, which is why we were delighted to find an eco-friendly option from ‘No Issue’. Customers can look forward to beautiful wrapping, using custom-made stickers and tissue printed with soy ink (a renewable resource). This ink doesn’t release toxic gases that contribute to air pollution, unlike more widely used petroleum inks.

What’s more, these kinds of eco-friendly packaging are sulfur and acid-free. This means that when they decompose, no toxic chemicals will be left behind. Win-win!

A Note from Fyne: We make our jewellery and packaging in small batches in order to minimise waste. As a small company, finding suppliers open to creating sustainable packaging at low MOQs (minimum order quantity) has been a long process. Using products from ‘No Issue’ helps us to stick to our ‘made to order’ approach.

3. 100% Recyclable E-Commerce Boxes

Yes, our e-commerce boxes are fully recyclable! It’s really important to us that our packaging has more than one use, so we encourage you to recycle them or repurpose them as gift boxes for your friends.

A Note from Fyne: We know that recycling isn't a totally foolproof system when it comes to eco-friendly packaging. We will continue to research for more practical solutions to align with our values as much as possible.

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Mad Hippie Reef-Safe Suncream

4. Jewellery Pouches & Ribbon Made From Peace Silk 

We wanted our silk jewellery pouches to be as elegant as the diamond inside. However, we didn't want the silkworm paying the price. With traditionally made silk, the silkworm is boiled alive, inside the cocoon, while the thread is extracted.

Instead, we source peace silk, which is a cruelty-free alternative. In this case, the silkworm carries out its full life, and the silk is taken after it leaves the cocoon. Using peace silk means we can ensure our packaging is eco-friendly.

A Note from Fyne: In an ideal world, we wouldn’t want to interfere with nature at all. However, by choosing peace silk, we can ensure the most gentle and non-violent interference possible. Moreover, silk as a natural fibre is more sustainable, as it is a renewable and biodegradable resource. It also uses less water and energy than other fibres.

5. Jewellery Boxes Made From Recycled Greyboard Paper 

At Fyne, our jewellery boxes are both elegant and environmentally conscious. The eco-friendly packaging is made from strong greyboard paper which has been recycled and is also recyclable!

Jewellery boxes need to be durable and long-lasting, which is why there is a thin layer of PET matte laminate on the boxes. In order to recycle both the laminate and the greyboard paper, you will need to separate them by hand. We understand this isn't the simplest process but we truly appreciate your time and efforts in helping us to look after the planet.

A Note from Fyne: While there are new technologies and materials being developed, the availability is still low and hard to source. We are always working as a company to better ourselves when it comes to sustainability, continuing to actively look for more eco-friendly packaging alternatives.

Learn more about our sustainable journey 

Our eco-friendly packaging is as consciously crafted as our jewellery, designed and sourced in line with our vision for a more sustainable future. The biodegradable and renewable materials can be disposed of responsibly, and are so beautiful that you might even want to keep and repurpose them yourself!

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